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throw away that silver coloured permanent marker ! (08/06/22 17:27:37)
    really e, its not that new really, and should have been the standard years ago imho.

    lets deconstruct...


    10v and 15v are irrelevant for our discussion. (well, almost...)


    pick a random pic from the images list.

    nothing there is above 5v. the 12v is also irrelevant since its for 3.5 inch hd.

    nowadays, all should be 2.5 inch hd (at 10,000rpm not 7) or ssd which are all 5v.

    ok, what about that laptop then?


    so its the battery not the internal components. hmmm...

    but wait, there are efficient [over 90%] buck converters for ages now [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_converter]

    i actually have a 20amp(!) 12v power supply under my desk and step it down to whatever i need for electronics projects that all run at once, 3.3v, 1.8v and 5v... very simple. very efficient. with no load, the transformer consumes about half of watt per hour. i can live with that (and so can planet earth) but i still turn it off.

    going further...


    "USB Power Delivery uses one of CC1, CC2 pins for power negotiation between source device and sink device, up to 20 V at 5 A. It is transparent to any data transmission mode, and can therefore be used together with any of them as long as the CC pins are intact."

    and another one, maybe makes more sense...







    you might be right about this in a very specific context, like fax machines (*rollin eyes* -> the devils work) or printers where the power requirement is proportional to the motors and slightly less on the heating element in laser printers.

    the future seems bright! NO MORE Little Dongly Things! i just hope this will become an enforceable law!

    not only my life will get better, but also the landfills will become slightly emptier. AMEN!

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throw away that silver coloured permanent marker !