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Re: i hate long subject lines :-p (12/06/22 15:28:48)
    >> Bad for them, but with a long latency.

    not necessarily.

    the 3rd reich was fairly short.
    the "soviet", less than 80y no?

    now its true they all had serious opposition, but my point is that both systems would have collapsed on their own. for various reasons. one of them being, the loss of minds ( human resources :) ), which imo is far more important than natural or financial ones.


    [and who actually owned a VW "beetle" before the end of the war?]

    anyway, the question imo should be, how much damage they can do outward in that period vs how many human resources we can "harvest" from them and is that ratio worth the effort.

    >> With all the restrictions: the New York, USA, was sometimes better than all other places.

    sad but true.

    and yet, i remember something from sholem aleichem (or i am getting senile) that said something like... when we arrived in america, we found out that not only the streets are not paved with gold but that they are not paved at all. and in fact we have to pave them ourselves.

    *eh, i would say something here about ukraine cossacks and the balfour declaration, but ill have to find the thread first...


    there are exceptions in the category of tsars and hitlers imo. like catherine the great. i wouldnt mine her ruling my country for a few decades...

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Re: i hate long subject lines :-p