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Re: Shills (16/06/22 17:20:15)
    It is high time that longer-range weapons reach the eastern front, to take out the terrorist cannons of Putin and drive out his murder gangs.

    i am quite surprised by your position on this.
    or maybe i misread or misunderstand.
    what happened to e the pacifist?
    the e that contemplated (and even liked) this list:

    Things might have been different:
    If the League of Nations mandates were run differently.
    If the Balfour Declaration never existed.
    If the Jews in Europe did not perceive a need for a homeland away from Europe.
    If the Royal family in Arabia were steered away from Wahabi Islam fifty years ago.
    If Islam did not view secular humanism as being an infidel.
    If being an infidel wasn't condemned in the Quran.
    If the US had maintained the isolationism that they had before WWII.
    If the US gave no support/money/weapons at all to Israel.
    If Abraham had treated Isaac and Ishmail the same.

    the thread id (and your comments on this) in private, IF you want/need it :)

    We should start now to weed out the fifth columnists in the press: journalists and editors alike.

    and how would you do that, if i may ask...


    remember i wanted to say something about cossacks 2 threads ago?


    last time i seen some of them on a channel 1 interview, a nameless commander said:"we train like cossacks!"


    i am not echoing any propaganda, and i have a lot of ukrainian friends (jewish more or less, probably less) who support ukraine, and so do i.
    but with smallish reservations. orthodox christianity in the east did not lose its antisemitic and xenophobic aftertaste... (i should know ;) )

    i am also absolutely for ukraine to enter the eu since i think thats where it belongs, for multiple historical reasons (despite the fact that some minority of the ukranians i know say otherwise [*] ) and because i think people should be entitled to their own self-determination, even if its silly (there are other examples besides ukraine and balfour - eg bulgarians)


    another silly thing...
    one of my grandmothers was from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chernivtsi (spoke 5 languages, including yiddish)
    should the ukrainians cede these regions back to romania? they hold several and refuse to... (remember russification?)


    take your time in digesting my post (and questions) properly, for what it is. perspective. or total nonsense, you decide.


    [*] some stuff to skim over (hopefully in chronological order)


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Re: Shills