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One word first, if I can find a suitable one. (19/06/22 16:54:28)
    Brutal, perhaps. Maybe UK isn't worse than others - but I am not willing to bet on it. From what I know of history of the UK, this has centuries-deep roots, with almighty rich rulers and poor people with no power and minimal rights.

    Poverty is a punishment, but mainly for being born into a lower socioeconomic stratum.

    UK could start with the voting system for representatives to the House of Commons
    "At a general or local election, voters put a cross (X) next to their preferred candidate on a ballot paper. Ballot papers are counted. The candidate with the most votes represents the constituency or ward."
    In more honest words it would be: The Winner Takes All.

    For a long-term solution a change of the voting system would be needed


    Then there could be a vocal opposition with more representative representatives.

    For the short term - sell off the properties of the Russian oligarchs and use it for selective, easy-to-administer support of the needy (not only the neediest).

    An extra tax on really high incomes (in contrast to the
    instituted by Thatcher, and very much revealing her attitude towards the non-owning classes).

    My impression is that for a view of English social policies I could just reread Dickens' Oliver Twist.

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One word first, if I can find a suitable one.