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Rewarding crime? (19/06/22 17:45:44)
    I don't believe Putin and his successors will have ambitions that stop anywhere before Lisboa. The exacerbated poverty of the English poor is Putin's war against all of us. A Russian victory in Ukraine will just be a stimulus to more Russian aggression - once their armed forces have recuperated (which I hope they never will thanks to sanctions).

    (If you saw banknotes from the Soviet Union - with the world map decorated with a hammer and sickle, it was obvious that that country did not have peaceful intentions. No wonder it was forbidden to take Soviet banknotes out of the country.)

    The good old days will not return unless Putin is made to lose big time, when the wrecked Ukrainian cities and villages, roads and railroads are rebuilt, and the corn fields are cleared of landmines and unexploded bombs and projectiles.

    And probably not then either. In Ukraine there is great demand for used electric cars because petrol and diesel are severely rationed. Norway is a place to go for buyers.

    For comparison: UK

    Putin's war may have been the end of affordable fossil energy in Europe. If UK does not improve her act in social matters, I predict that there will be a new generation of writers taking up the thread where Dickens left.

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Rewarding crime?