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more q than answers (20/06/22 06:07:16)
    a good ramble is always welcomed. at least by me ;)

    >> the impact of the "current crisis" is certainly going to affect at least 2/3 generations.
    >> we as species have been very resilient,

    assumptions. ill go along though.

    >> but I think more and more there is this dependency on the system which I'm not sure it's healthy.

    i agree. depends on how you define that dependency.

    >> Shouldn't we push people to be self reliant?

    sounds lovely, how would we go about doing that?
    self reliant in what way? in context of the welfare system or economy or what exactly?

    >> So the question is, is this conflict worth it?

    absolutely yes.
    this is not just about ukraine. in fact its less about ukraine and more about challenging the world order without a plan or a backup (or at least none that can be seen for now besides relying on the world's weakness)
    so for a change, i stand with the word order and tell the other side like i would a toddler: take a time out or learn to "play nice".

    >> From the sidelines it seems a negotiated truce is something we are avoiding even Ukraine leadership is against a negotiated truce with concessions...

    can you seriously imagine a scenario that both parties could agree on?

    in my opinion, there is a fine line between negotiating and giving in to extortion.

    in fact, i think putin has all of us exactly where he wants us. the next move possible can and will be his and his alone. best troll ever. i can expand on this (pretty obvious)

    i am quite interested to hear you expand on my questions though, or else im afraid i cant comment more than i did already. tia.


    im with e on the UK part of things. dickens.
    a serious social and political reform is long over due over there imo.
    most of these structures managed to endure and happily survive the 60s :(

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