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Re: Chernivtsi  (20/06/22 08:21:56)
    A son and his wife made a pre-wedding honeymoon in Ukraine, say 2008. Chernivtsi was - IIRC - their main destination, along with Lviv. They made their pilgrimage to the - now empty - Jewish villages and showed me a series of photographs which really melted me down. It was the first time for me that Holocaust was a show-me, not a tell-me. It showed the quiet and peaceful life of simple people, not the tools used by their killers, or the naked numbers which are incomprehensible (to me, at least, but less incomprehensible now that I have become so old).

    With experience from the scandinavian peninsula I'd say that borders are of minor importance if people can travel and work and trade across them without restrictions from the national states involved. So - for the n'th time: It's one of the things I love about the EU (and in this respect Norway is a member). Of course, it requires that the national states are on reasonably good terms, and .no and .se are. All involved are forward-looking and let bygones be bygones. It could be a lesson for some southern European states, no names mentioned.

    Shills that should be stopped? Those who are siding with the reactionaries, the expansionists, the money-grabbers, the hypocrites. It's unnecessary, I think, to use police or military or violence or berufsverbot. We could start with right-thinking people raising their voices in sufficient numbers in the right fora, plus strict enforcement of rules of behaviour. I think we have a good deal of it here - but not enough, and not enough enforcement of rules for behaviour.

    In some countries (none mentioned), even the parliament members cannot behave, not even during official sessions. Shame on them.

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Re: Chernivtsi