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Good you didn't wait. (20/06/22 17:04:56)
    I know something about self-censorship, and I know from experience that new matters will appear tomorrow and take over the writing capacity I had planned for yesterday's topic.

    Weapons to Ukraine? All weapons can be turned towards their donor.

    I think one needs to analyse the actual situation - on the receiving end and on the donor side. To me the Ukrainian defense looks much more like a bottom-up movement than a top-down movement. I don't hold it against them that morale is weakening after a long time of fighting. I am still convinced that the Ukrainians have a large majority that for almost any price will fight against becoming Part of Putins Paradise.

    But when they have won, they will need to follow it up. They will need to clean up the bureaucracies and weed out the majority of corrupt politicians and civil servants and police, but not by filling up the prisons. Even useless and corrupt, even overt criminal, people can be useful if put in the right places, given the right tools and followed up constructively. In Afghanistan, during Operation Enduring Freedom (sic) there was some branch called Provincial Reconstruction Team.

    It might be possible to learn from those failures. Popular support and political infrastructure seem much stronger in Ukraine than in Afghanistan.

    The name was a nice one.

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Good you didn't wait.