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Re: Re: Just a stirrup of an old debate  (30/06/22 19:26:42)
    Thank you. A hard read. I couldn't take it more than half-way down.
    Much of what I read here, I think I have read before in Spinoza. A new track was the description of the circular relationship between faith and practice. A short loop indeed - and I recognise it from the time I found the time to having religious discussions with religious people or others of strong faith. My old teacher in primary school (a strong christian believer - but he had survived Sachsenhausen, so he may be excused) argued that the faith must be of God because it had lasted so long.
    In my old age I see most believers as reward seekers only - "and if there's nobody there, what have I lost?"

    The article reminds me of my general impression that some Jewish theological discussions are made by really sharp-shod analysts and debaters who really know their stuff. And to me it explains why so many secular Jews have become great scientists: they have taken their thorough methods with them.

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Re: Re: Just a stirrup of an old debate