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Re: Empire restoration? (10/07/22 20:42:44)
    In the absence of clear evidence, political and historical analysts will need to resort to indirect evidence. For historical reasons this method is designated


    "In popular culture, the term is sometimes used to mean any attempt to understand a secretive organization or process ...... by interpreting indirect clues."


    "Aage Storm Borchgrevink (born 1969) is a Norwegian human rights activist, writer and literary critic. He works at the Norwegian Helsinki Committee, where he focuses on the human rights situation in Russia, Chechnya and Georgia."

    By using such metods on Putin, he infers that Putin's father was a KGB agent too. One piece of evidence was the fact that he was allowed to study (law) with only mediocre marks from school. My comment is: Then perhaps he sees himself as come bearer of continuity. Borchgrewink see striking similarities in the thinking of Putin and Anders Breivik. (I have previously suggested that those two could share Breivik's suite in a Norwegian prison. That's the type of torture I think both of them deserve).

    Before 24th February Russia was an advanced kleptocracy, says Borchgrewink. After the Ukraine invasion it is evident that the empire building ambitions are alive.

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Re: Empire restoration?