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energy (stamina - wink@e) (15/07/22 16:21:57)
    friday night and at 19:11 i am still working at home catching up due to a week absence (that shoulder calcification thing)... ill draw the line in about 2 hours from now.then its either netflix or sleep, whichever comes first- and screw work. for now im just taking a break...


    am i the only one thinking that solar panels and wind mills ;) is not a sustainable future? i mean, those things are made in china with a pretty heavy environmental cost.
    we keep multiplying like rabbits and the surface area needed for these things grows beyond reasonable.


    i would buy one tomorrow and sell electricity to the whole neighborhood, about 1400 households. and im pretty sure ill have lots of leftovers :D

    20mw is pretty impressive. i mean, we got low-enriched uranium coming out our ears at this point. (maybe im wrong)

    i cant help but remember asimovs dreams/aspirations...

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energy (stamina - wink@e)