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While I still remember (24/07/22 08:25:22)
    I am all for nuclear energy making, almost at any cost - provided the reactors are used to burn off all that 235U and 239Pu that is now lying around in nuclear warheads. No distinction. Take them all away and make electricity from the latent energy. For quite some time mining will not be necessary - so there is time to improve methods and slag utilisation and handling.

    Again: Is there published methods for converting weapons grade uranium and plutonium into reactor grade material?

    Putin is presently using his nuclear capacity for extortion. Countries that care for their population to some degree, have no countermeasures. So really: Nukes are a means for the bad guys to use against us - but we are powerless because we want no nukes to be fired because we care about humanity and Putin and Xi (to name a few) do not.

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While I still remember