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Re: Re: Re: energy (stamina - wink@e) (31/07/22 19:00:22)
    There needs to be enough of it. Energy with small footprint would be nice. With fossil fuels the ecological footprint and energy generation may be 10 000+ km apart, so the environmental downsides are invisible to the user. With renewables and nuclear the distances are shorter.

    The picture changes with time. The hydroelectric station of my early childhood


    looks nice now. When it was initiated, it was not nice at all. The locals were very badly treated.

    Southern Europe will have a hard time: Desertification from heatwaves plus less heating during the winter plus shortage of materials for isolating houses - it is going to be nasty. And much worse for those outside Europe who are going to starve. I read a chapter of Harvest of Sorrow just before writing this. The tsar has no qualms about starving people to death.


    Once in awhile we can read in the news about amnesties for illegal weapons.Weapons are being received by the police - no questions asked, and no penalties.

    So the billionaire challenge: "Buy a nuke for fuel" - feed money to the government (Pakistan might need some money) in return for those warheads, establish a commercial entity with specialist labs and specialist people, and make converting the warhead to fuel for low-waste reactors as a profitable business. Something for the charitable ones? Bill Gates? Or should the fusion reactor concept be scrapped and the money channelled to this project? I'd think so. We will need to find out how.

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