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Re: energy (stamina - wink@e) (07/08/22 18:42:51)
    Wouldn't it be nice?!

    Silicon carbide tubes designed to keep helium - at elevated pressure, I suppose - in place for decades. That's realy something.

    Making those tubes. Making fittings that do not lear. Repairing breaks.

    OK - sintered powders.

    But will sintered ceramics be helium-proof?

    Melting point 2830 Celsius.

    "Pure silicon carbide can be made by the Lely process,[20] in which SiC powder is sublimed into high-temperature species of silicon, carbon, silicon dicarbide (SiC2), and disilicon carbide (Si2C) in an argon gas ambient at 2500 °C and redeposited into flake-like single crystals,[21] sized up to 2 × 2 cm, at a slightly colder substrate. This process yields high-quality single crystals, mostly of 6H-SiC phase (because of high growth temperature).

    A modified Lely process involving induction heating in graphite crucibles yields even larger single crystals of 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter, having a section 81 times larger compared to the conventional Lely process.[22]

    Cubic SiC is usually grown by the more expensive process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of silane, hydrogen and nitrogen.[19][23] Homoepitaxial and heteroepitaxial SiC layers can be grown employing both gas and liquid phase approaches.[24]

    To form complex shaped SiC, preceramic polymers can be used as precursors which form the ceramic product through pyrolysis at temperatures in the range 1000–1100 °C.[25] Precursor materials to obtain silicon carbide in such a manner include polycarbosilanes, poly(methylsilyne) and polysilazanes.[26] Silicon carbide materials obtained through the pyrolysis of preceramic polymers are known as polymer derived ceramics or PDCs. Pyrolysis of preceramic polymers is most often conducted under an inert atmosphere at relatively low temperatures. Relative to the CVD process, the pyrolysis method is advantageous because the polymer can be formed into various shapes prior to thermalization into the ceramic.[27][28][29][30]"

    So I expect helium-proof tybes can be made.


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Re: energy (stamina - wink@e)