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Digital delay (03/02/11 18:48:49) Reply
    With landline telephones there is no discernible delay over short distances, so the timing and interaction signals of a conversation can have the same pace as real face-to-face conversations.

    With mobile telephones, I've noticed, the pace is different. The pauses need to be longer, and even polite people risk interrupting and colliding with the person in the other end of the signal lane.

    I've read somewhere that the average novel is longer than it used to be before the electronic word processor, and some of it, I'm sure, is wordiness.

    We see it in administrative documents too. It runs with the label communication, but it's a one-way process. The right thing to do with the stuff is feeding it quietly to Dave Null.

    So digital delays isn't only a problem with telecommunications.

Digital nonsenses (03/02/11 22:32:35) Reply
    You are right. There are a lot of wastes in digital world. word processors and easy cut and paste allow more "content" to be put in any work.

    Academics are more prolific, thanks to cut and paste.
    PDFs are more big on size and short on meaning.
    Technical manuals are almost completely useless because they waste pages in explaining the obvious, and do not delve in important concepts. It is easier to be judged on pages produced than on content quality.
    Lots of wasted megapixels in cameras mean lots of megabyte waste in the storage.
    Openoffice is just one of the few softwares that is actually zipping its save-files.
    Emails are longer, due to long, repeated signatures, and to absurd disclaimers (the email disclaimers are really too funny). When replying, we usually reattach the whole history, so to be sure to add redundancy.
    Spam traffic is filling our networks. And email delivery is not so reliable, because sometimes even good emails are filtered out (try to send emails with viagra word in the subject).
    Software Contracts and licenses are pure noise. Nobody reads them.
    Do you have an apple device, like ipod/iphone/ipad? About 80 pages of legalese trash you should read before clicking.
    Pictures, bitmaps, icons and video everywhere. Very often meaning gets lost.
    Faster networks imply many more negotiation signals. Lots of babbling even when no real traffic is there.
    Backups: on average every single file on the main storage exist in the backup at least 25 times. And of course important data manages to get lost even in this case.

    And communication channels need to be filtered: if everyone is calling, the single call is getting less important.

    We are recording more and more of our lives. But a full hour recording requires a full hour to be reproduced. So this is a waste. We can not record everything, because doing so we would never be able to re-watch. Life is short. Filters are needed in the first time. Even if technology gives us the storage, everything will end up in a fast-forward loop: A fast forward recording of a fast-forwarded

    We are drowning in data,
    But good poetry is still short.


    If there were no clouds
    boring would be always blue skies.

    And sparkling jewels are there
    in a whole life,
    a few carefully chosen moments
    to be framed
    without polaroid

    Even to be lost
    and yes, wasted
    tears in the rain.


    The shorter the story
    the deeper the meaning.


Balsam (04/02/11 18:32:17) Reply
    (a soothing ointment for an aching body
    (I didn't know all those chemistries, specially those perfume chemistry bits. hah!)



    Ibsen has a very brief one - and I admire it


    The last guests I saw to the gate
    The last farewells were lost in the wind

    Now tenfold deserted are the garden and the house
    Where sweet music intoxicated me just moments ago

    It was only a party before the dark night
    She was only a guest, and now she is gone.

    and more sinister

    (Arvid Hanssen (1932-98)- local poet and novelist from the North; Senja; just a hundred kilometers or two from Tromsų (you might look it up on Google Maps and look for Gryllefjord)

    - put to tune,
    No, it isn't there. But there's another, from the same record, with the same band and the same singer
    although the pictures are from Gotland in the Baltic sea


    Anyway - it's a few-liner called West Wind. It's about the harsh living conditions - with the Norwegian Sea outside - open to the Atlantic and to the winter storms - which coincide with the best fishing season.

    West Wind

    It is the mode of the West Wind
    He comes so sharply with his boat
    From the ocean

    He comes to every little inlet
    And carries to poor and rich
    From the ocean

    I know for sure he finds his way
    He brings sorrows and joys
    From the ocean

    (It's really too strong for a Friday evening)

I've got a DDL (26/02/11 23:24:30) Reply
    not like that.

    its an old powertran - when it plays up i hit it with a hammer that i keep
    by it's side.

    it soon gets back into shape. And boy you should hear the noises it makes.

    it's not worth anything and i wouldn't part with it for any amount of money.

    It's part of my 'battered army' arsenal of old and decrepit pieces of
    equipment that barely work any more. They are electronically safe, but feeble.

    When they break down they make a nice noise.
    Not like their master.
    But that is why I like them.

    eh eh.

Memories Of Zworrisdeh (27/02/11 18:11:41) Reply
    'nuff said

Re: Memories Of Zworrisdeh (04/03/11 22:23:34) Reply
    Too much said really.

come again

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