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Anyone alive? (14/09/17 00:22:59) Reply
    I know that this outside world seems to be getting woprse and worse. No need to hide even here, I think.

    This forum has been alive for so long, it should stay, however high the waves are coming in.

Re: Anyone alive? (14/09/17 18:35:51) Reply
    I think so too.

    I have been pondering about a revival. I think this place has a good record regarding free speech and some degree of protection of individuals because webnames are allowed and encouraged. I have been procrastinating because I am not ready to discuss in an open forum what fills my mind. (It's nothing juicy or embarrassing or illegal or immoral - it's just about complexity. If I wish to discuss it, I will need to explain - and then I will lose concentration. At my age - etcetera).

    It would be nice if those who visit ebmb leave a mark. Some friends have left the world of the living. Some have just left, and I fear that some, maybe all, also have left the world of the living. Some have had long absences and have their minds full of private matters that do not belong here.

    Anyway - those who wish to contact me outside of the board may email me. If this is too open, they can use a whois function to find me and send me a snailmail letter.

    Age has come. We are taking books and clothes for flea markets, remove lots of stuff that "might be useful some day in future" to ease the burden for the children when they have to clear the house after us. Both the Wife and I have seen enough of cases where people did not prepare the house for the final departure of the owners. Nasty sights.

    But there is still a future. Today I installed a DAB+ adapter in the car. FM is going to be history in Norway in a few weeks.

Re: Anyone alive? (25/11/17 01:10:01) Reply
    blast from the past !

    how's it going ?

Re: Anyone alive? (27/11/17 13:24:17) Reply
    I guess I am also getting older ;-)

    while still feeling amused trying to find a correct answer to the question... Are you not a spammer?
    'cos maybe I am!

Re: Anyone alive? (28/11/17 08:24:51) Reply
    Times have really changed. Climate is changing: I can feel it and see it, and I read about in the news about hurricanes and sea level rise and glacier melts. Heating of houses with fossil fuel will be banned in .no from 2020, and I am preparing the last season, burning the leftovers in our hydrocarbon tank


    To keep warm in future winters we will change windows, reconstruct some walls with thicker layers of mineral wool, and install an air-to-air heat exchanger for use in moderately cold days. And finally - perhaps we will even install photovoltaic panels on the roof. Locally produced and consumed non-emission electric energy sounds tempting. A question of money, of course. But photovoltaics are competitive already when compared to diesel generators. So it is a question of payback time and affordable loans.

    For old people it is less dangerous than buying a motorcycle.

Re: Anyone alive? (30/11/17 00:19:55) Reply
    yes GS!

    work and play continue, family life is lovely

    was listening to SVD's Bulgarian tunes the other day, still loving linden flower tea, despite an unfortunate modernizing of their packaging.

    the dinosoars are eating sunflower seeds by the bushel, there's snow already

    I'll have some short films again soon

    here's a quick snapshot


    do hope everyone is well, life goes on


hello, good people (n/t) (20/12/17 04:35:22) Reply

Re: Anyone alive? (13/01/18 23:57:15) Reply
    I'm alive :) No idea why I thought about this board right now, I was trailing...

    May you all be free from danger, happy, healthy and live with ease ;-)

    - ritz

Reporting For Duty! (06/07/18 14:57:38) Reply
    How is iefaf going to get those kids out of that cave?
Humphrey P

Reporting For Duty? (14/09/18 11:28:28) Reply
    How is Humphrey P going to get this board out of the cave (sans making a hilarious fool of hirself;)?


Re: Yawn ...! (07/07/18 09:53:22) Reply
    Lay back Humph, boring Elon 's there already.

    Mmmh, Mister P; what a delightful surprise ...

    Be well

come again

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