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no subject (28/07/18 13:13:30) Reply
    Good news for Brussels and "EU" in general:
Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature

Steve Bannon (29/07/18 21:15:27) Reply
    A man who stood behind "America First" - why would he be welcome in Europe?

Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (30/07/18 19:37:09) Reply
    "In younger years, Hamsun had leanings of an anti-egalitarian, racist bent. In The Cultural Life of Modern America (1889), he expressed his fear of miscegenation: ..."

    He did become nazi when the opportunity arrived. Before that he was a convinced reactionary - scolding the short-haired working women. Industrialism he was against - he wanted to revert to the good old poor agrarian society.

    This man was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature by members of Swedish High Society.

    People want peace. Reactionary rulers play on national pride, religion, military FUD or lost territories and appeal to people who can be ruled by emotional signals given them from above. Worst of all IMO are the zero sum game people: "Their" gain is your personal loss. Good governance would be: How can we, by legal and political means, secure that all can succeed in their pursuit of happiness, so that unhappiness only is oof one's own making.

    For this we need a new breed of activists: We need activists who are willing and able to see the downside of their success, and willing to do something effective to repair it.

Hamsun and Ibsen (31/07/18 16:18:32) Reply
    Ibsen was elite - even though his father had gone bankrupt. Hamsun came from nothing and had very little education (less than 300 school days). He was very critical of Ibsen. Sort of a populist critic of the elite.

    So I will introduce another word: envy.

Re: Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (31/07/18 17:18:16) Reply
    > play on <bunch of primitive signals> and appeal to people ...

    here something that if taught at schools, may grossly diminish the number of easy-believing-sheep. Which may as well never happen..


Re: Re: Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (31/07/18 18:36:12) Reply
    I agree. But it is a long and thorny road.
    I have become aware of a balance I did not think about before: The importance of - simultaneously -
    1) being critical of the powers that be
    2) being critical of the spreaders of conspiracy theories made up to use people as pawns in a power struggle to replace the old boss with even worse new bosses.


Re: Re: Re: Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (31/07/18 20:01:56) Reply
    I think teaching real science and real reasoning are essential. But that's not for all.
    For everybody there is a need to prevent envy and frustrated ambitions - like: I did not get that job because of that <name whatever ethnic or social group you like>, or "I lost social security money because all those useless immigrants gobble all the money, and soon they are going to take my job."

    There must be adjustment of ambitions and enough for everyone. That's on the individual level. And then there is a need to expose and prosecute corruption in the powers that be.

Re: Re: Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (01/08/18 07:05:17) Reply
    Appeal to people through network building ........

    Some people are refractory and will never let themselves be persuaded away from their evil ways. Some call them fanatics; I'd rather say they are corrupt.

    The way to cope would be to take away their current and future rewards - whether they be money, positions, fame or paradise. There are methods.

Re: Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (11/08/18 12:20:14) Reply
    I was reading Malcolm Gladwell - one of those dwarf geniuses which are typical to both the age we living in and the US of A. In the Tipping Point he analyzes how its possible to ideas to start working en masse. Light reading, not horribly clever, still some thoughts in it.

Re: Re: Egalitarianism and Knut Hamsun (11/08/18 16:25:11) Reply
    Some thoughts in it - agreed.
    When I read such stuff, a pressing question appears: Where does the substance come from? What physical knowledge is the justification-foundation of those efforts? Or is it all emotion, opinion or self-interest?

    Then Leandro Herrero may be refreshing.


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