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DOM died the other day. (01/02/20 19:04:18) Reply
    I had an email from Lola this afternoon telling me that our old friend and founder, the one who invented the name ebmb, her husband, with the handle Dirty Oldman, DOM, suddenly died on 25th January 2020.
    I am very sad about this. He was younger than me, so surely too young to die.

    Now you know.

Re: DOM died the other day. (02/02/20 07:12:11) Reply
    Oh this is very sad news. He was too young. I'm speechless. I suppose we are all getting well along, but it is crushing to hear. Send my love to Lola & family.

    Thank you for sending this along. Take care of yourself, too please.


Re: DOM died the other day. (19/02/20 20:45:14) Reply

    too old to rock'n'roll, too young to die
    No, you're never too old to Rock'n'Roll if you're too young to die.


Re: DOM died the other day. (26/02/20 17:33:12) Reply
    A tear fell from my eye.

    DOM was a very interesting character. We didn't have much interaction. We didn't meet.

    I liked him though and his straightforward approach to matters.

    It is indeed the beginning of the end of an era.

    So long and thanks for all the flowers.[/i]

Re: DOM died the other day. (14/03/20 01:11:52) Reply

    May he rest in peace.

Re: DOM died the other day. (05/04/20 15:13:31) Reply
    May he rest in peace </3

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