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The Quiet Return of Feudalism (17/07/20 12:15:02) Reply

    Under feudalism, serfdom was the norm—toiling on the land of someone else who robbed you was the only path to subsist. Similarly, as the clustering effects of today’s knowledge economy keep driving capital and labor towards already cramped cities, property has concentrated in ever fewer hands, with home renters left similarly property-less.
Jorge González-Gallarza Hernández

Cyclic, isn't it? (08/08/20 20:30:39) Reply
    Karl Marx had his analysis of the early industrial society. The Marxists stumbled severely during the 20th century. But this does not mean that his analysis was 100 percent wrong.

    So we might need to distill the valuable spirits out of the murky old fermentation and renew it with modern knowledge.

    But honest knowledge isn't enough when we have evil powers working hard to generate chaos in the most agreeable parts of the world.

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