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Finally we can see the end of Trump as POTUS. (07/11/20 20:20:48) Reply
    It is a relief that we will be rid of this ignorant micromanaging bully. There's a lot that needs repairs. First: The press


    Secondly: Health care

    There seems to be additional needs owing to the Covid pandemic.

    Third: Job security

    (looks old, but perhaps not completely out of date)

    Fourth: Financing education

    Enough said

Re: Finally we can see the end of Trump as POTUS. (08/11/20 04:25:08) Reply
    No fan of Trump, but something 'seems' wrong about this election in how certain states voted (i.e. mail in , states with riots etc you would think vote trump but didn't). Both sides fanning the flames.... United states now Divided states....
    Either way I think its an end of an era and a start to something else

Re: Re: Finally we can see the end of Trump as POTUS. (09/11/20 20:35:42) Reply
    If the Trump camp says so, I suppose their truthfulness in this setting is comparable wo what we have seen earlier.

    You might wish to read up on gerrymandering.


I can hardly believe my senses (12/11/20 10:11:33) Reply
    when I see the weakness, cowardice and corruption of those law-and-order Republicans. Mitch McConnell (78) would be expected to be a defender of law and order and the applicability of law and order to the POTUS. His weakness towards the wannabe dictator reminds frighteningly of the weakness of Hindenburg towards Hitler way back then. It's a lasting disgrace. McConnell might still save his reputation and an honourable place in history, but the chance is wearing thin.

I can hardly believe my senses - II (12/11/20 13:14:54) Reply
    (sorry for the typo above).
    The McConnell-Hindenburg examples serve to show that positions of great responsibility must be given to persons somewhere near their prime. Those already knocking on St Peter's door should be relieved of such duties or blocked from ever entering them.

Re: I can hardly believe my senses - II (26/11/20 19:06:19) Reply
    Joe Biden (78)

Trustworthiness (09/12/20 09:30:55) Reply
    The POTUS election isn't an internal USA affair only. Putin has already taken the consequence thereof - and the destructive effect on the international standing of the US of A has been easy to see from the outside.

    But we have learnt, too, from this four-year session - if we did not know from before: The majority of the elected people from the Republican party cannot be condidered moral, reliable or trustworthy people. If they were, they would have called out against the behaviour of Donald Trump after his election defeat.

    If 70+ million people voted for reelection of Trump, then for sure the USA is doomed.

come again

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