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Dress codes and appearances and equal opportunities (10/11/20 16:46:00) Reply
    The newly appointed judge of the SCOTUS, and the vice president elect of the USA: They are strikingly good-looking women. Some may say: This shows that women have equal opportunities. I am tempted into saying: If you are strikingly good-looking and have studied law, then the powers-that-be have no objections against making you a visible person in their system.

    In Europe even ugly women can become prime minister.

Re: There is no such thing as an ugly woman, sir! (n/t) (12/11/20 17:44:30) Reply

Politeness and understatements (14/11/20 20:04:02) Reply
    There are times when politeness and understatements are appropriate, and situations when they are not, just as with rudeness and hyperbole. But somehow understatements have become everyday speech instead of humour.

    I have heard - lots of times (no exaggeration) - that something is difficult - literally meaning that it can be done if one puts enough effort into it. But it isn't always so.

    "Squaring the circle is difficult", one might say. It isn't. It is impossible.

    Or - "you've made a slight mistake, sir, and might wish to turn to the right" (if not, we fall off this cliff) is inappropriate when direct speaking would be: "Turn To The Right Now!"

    Or someone says: "Very good" about something bog standard and commonplace. So - "very good" isn't praise. I'd take it as an insult if I have delivered a really excellent piece of work.

    Keeping the dynamic range of language - to me it is important.

Re: Pointless and understatements (28/11/20 12:34:29) Reply
    Sanna Mirella Marin.
    You've made a slight mistake, sir, and might wish to turn to the right.

Re: Politeness and understatements (30/12/20 21:16:29) Reply
    Reminds me of that old joke...

    The lord is trying to make his male job with his wife, and it doesnot happen, so he calls the buttler to have a look.
    - is my in hers?
    - mmm, if you highness had two, one would be in..

    happy whatever you want, these days..

Re: Re: There is no such thing as an ugly woman, sir! (02/12/20 21:38:42) Reply

come again

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