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Chaos politics (07/01/21 19:22:27) Reply
    Some years ago chaos theory was fashionable. A butterfly making turbulence in the air on one continent could trigger a tornado on another. The point was: An unstable system needs just minimal external influences to tip in a totally different direction from that expected by reasonable extrapolatioon..

    The situation seems to be some of the same in the winner-takes-all election systems. We saw a worst-case in 2016 when Trump was elected.

    Dangerous system. They should reform it.

Re: Chaos politics (14/01/21 20:16:52) Reply
    it's funny, but the FAANG removing potus accounts and network of supporters , might actualy do in long term 2 things. First one, i bet the new potus will "thank" them by regulating them ASAP so thay cannot do to him what they did to previous. And, second, there will be many more alternatives and much more users/supporters of those alternatives, esp. outside USA and the we-corporations-rule-it-all haze there.

come again

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