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OUTAGE EXPLAINED - blue light in the horizon (16/12/21 12:18:34) Reply
    The message board has been down for a few weeks - just when the annual bill arrived. I thought that perhaps the events were related. They weren't. It's the new version of PHP that broke the site. I followed advice from support at one.com and downgraded from 8.0 to 7.4. That did it.

    But it gave me a forceful reminder that ebmb is an old site with old supporting code based on a PHP version that some day may be unavailable. I have no idea when.

    Another matter altogether is that the climate for opinion exchange on the Internet has changed drastically from the optimistic days of fravia.org and insidetheweb.com. HTTPS has become the standard (ebmb is still http only). But the rise of new and loud voices with different agendas has put pressure on discussions. And finally: ebmb has lost the majority of its posters - through death, or through silent withdrawal which might include death.

    And finally: I retired 5 years ago, and in a few weeks I will be rounding 70. In not too far future even I will be leaving silently.

    So the time has come for a discussion: What are we going to do? I will renew the subscription for yet another year - but there is a real possibility that the coming year will be the last.


Re: OUTAGE EXPLAINED - blue light in the horizon (17/12/21 21:18:52) Reply
    Thank you for maintaining this board for so long.
    Nice memories here!
    At the end, archive it on Archive.org.

Re: OUTAGE EXPLAINED - blue light in the horizon (17/01/22 16:56:54) Reply
    Really appreciate this board e, learnt alot and I am still learning. A wealth of knowledge that is very rare, resides on this board, and in the times we are in it is the only light of truth, among heaps of trash. It's funny how the old is still relevant in what is supposed to be new and modern.

    The world has gone insane, the powerful have resorted to using their power to keep the voices those who are not surpressed. Not the this is new but it has become less subtle now.


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