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Thought processes aiming at repurposing ebmb (18/12/21 15:20:47)
    I started Ebenezer's board on insidetheweb.com because I had been thrown out of Fravia's. As you can see - if you reread the yellowed text - it belonged to the naïve and wonderful days when free interpersonal contacts were established, based on interests, and with no underlying commercial purposes except for occasional banner adverts (which could be blocked - svd had an elegant method for that).

    In one of my former lives I had the privilege of having access to the gossip magazine of the pharmaceutical industry, called Scrip.

    Then (I don't know how it is now) the paper version was way out of reach for a private person; only rich institutions and regulatory agencies could afford it. Guest writer in Scrip Magazine was Leandro Herrero.

    He made, somewhere, a comment to the old tale about the blind men and the elephant


    Briefly, each person described part of the elephant. One may - says Herrero - take this as an illustration of the shortcomings of the analytical approach to problem solving. The task isn't the understanding of an elephant, but the capability of synthesizing>/i> an elephant.

    My take on it is that we cannot cope if we use the academic or lobbyist collaborative approach: we need the industrial and environmental and moral collaborative approach - with each of the terms in the broadest sense.

    Fred Brooks showed that nicely in his book.

    (just for a start)


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Thought processes aiming at repurposing ebmb