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Freshwater and the meltdown of glaciers (22/12/21 09:32:23) Reply
    Locally, in my country somewhere in the cold north, glacier are receding. Mountain tops that have been covered with ice have now revealed their true geology. But that's only aesthetic and doesn't matter much in daily life. It is worse that meltwater from glaciers feed some important hydroelectric power stations. But that, too, is trivial in the bigger picture.
    These days there is an alarm regarding the glaciers in Himalaya. According to some academics there has been a 40 percent decrease since the maximum at the end of the Little Ice Age


    ,but with the greatest change in the last few decades.
    (I'd say this is distressing - firstly because of the physical change (more below), but also because of the presentation which on one side seems exaggerated, but on the other side misleadingly downplayed.

    Anyway, the warning signs are evident: One day the water supply of hundreds of million people willbein danger if this process continues. The migrant waves this will lead to, will make all previous migrant seem smallin comparison.

    In this situation India will keep expanding her use of coal and will do nothing to limit population growth or build buffer capacity for water.

    Ah, water in India and Bangladesh: a nightmare with all that arsenic in groundwater.

    And it's not only Himalaya. Those potentially fascinated by water and history might have an interest in the link below.


Re: Freshwater and the meltdown of glaciers (14/01/22 00:12:39) Reply
    For me, being born and raised in a southern European countries in the early 80's, I still fondly remember picking up the icicles from the edges of the roof(Poor's man ice-cream), during the winter. I haven't seen icicles forming at least in the last 30 years...


    Don't know why there has been so many criticism surrounding the film, it's not that it's going to change anything

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