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Web 3.0  (11/01/22 12:36:41)
    Interesting perspective on the new web 3.0 liked the following assertions:

    Centralised vs decentralised decision making:

    "After 30+ years, email is still unencrypted; meanwhile WhatsApp went from unencrypted to full e2ee in a year. People are still trying to standardize sharing a video reliably over IRC; meanwhile, Slack lets you create custom reaction emoji based on your face."

    Web 3.0 Distributed apps:
    At this point, there are basically two companies. Almost all dApps use either Infura or Alchemy in order to interact with the blockchain. In fact, even when you connect a wallet like MetaMask to a dApp, and the dApp interacts with the blockchain via your wallet, MetaMask is just making calls to Infura!

    The NFT art is just an address to the museum

    Instead of storing the data on-chain, NFTs instead contain a URL that points to the data. What surprised me about the standards was that there’s no hash commitment for the data located at the URL. Looking at many of the NFTs on popular marketplaces being sold for tens, hundreds, or millions of dollars, that URL often just points to some VPS running Apache somewhere.

    There are much more good points in there, which beg the question will we go back to centralised after this experiment on decentralised? After all it's all about cycles



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Web 3.0