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Winter sports trainers and culture clash (26/01/22 10:23:03)
    On the news today there wasw some news.

    Background: A Chinese oppositional


    received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010. This was quickly followed by a Chinese boycott of all things Norwegian. To repair this, the Solberg government (shame on her) sold in the capacity of 60 Norwegian trainers to create medal class winter sporters of Chinese talent. Now only a few are left. Much was related to the clash in culture. The Norwegian athletes are internally driven, and many heads are involved in the care of the athlete. The coach is there to correct errors and provide structure when needed. In China the coach gives orders, and fewer heads, perhaps not even particularly good ones, have dictatorial powers..

    (Generally, I hate sports. But I have to acknowledge that the bottom-up approach looks successful. Then again, to prevent being accused of chauvinism, there are some rather dramatic failures to the structure - specially when ambitious male trainers are training women. The stupid and ignorant men induce anorexia in the girls, sometimes to a very serious degree.

    In men puberty means gain of muscle. In women, puberty means gaining weight, gaining body mass index and gaining fat.
    Weight gain in girls at puberty has to be not only accepted, but has to be part of the planning. So women have to be involved in the day-to-day training of women to avoid blockhead males critisising the eating habits of the girls.)

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Winter sports trainers and culture clash