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Sergiy Kyslytsya in VG today (31/03/22 12:08:09)
    Today's inverview with him in a .no newspaper


    (my rather free transolation of selected quotes after Zelensky's speech in Stortinget)

    When Putin is removed ..... this will not mean that Russia will be a country to talk to or have normal relations to. We (all countries, not only Ukraine) will need to help the Russian people put their country back on the road towards democracy, help them develop democratic institutions and a living and sustainable society.
    Thousands and thousands of Russians flee their country, so the chances of having sufficient numbers of people fighting inside of the country to get democracy back, is weakening day by day.
    Russian military defeat on Ukrainian territory, which will happen, will not solve the fundamental challenges. "

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Sergiy Kyslytsya in VG today