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i am so out of the loop... (18/05/22 17:45:29) Reply

    amazing... despite the errors.

    is that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TensorFlow ? [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tensor]

    so when are we getting our human robot? -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/R._Daneel_Olivaw

    i would be a dream come true. besides being on the first ship to mars...
    and yes, i will miss earth :( but we must go forth...

    i just seen big bug [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bigbug] on netflix , very funny and witty. loved it.

Re: i am so out of the loop... (18/05/22 17:57:19) Reply

    i donate every month, so does my father.
    if you can donate, it will [re]grow hair on my head ;)

Re: i am so out of the loop... (19/05/22 19:01:24) Reply
    *You* think you're out of the loop?

    My engineering soul says: How can this become useful in the real world? How can this be used to enhance understanding and flatten the mountains of evil and stupidity on this wonderful planet? Because I'm sure it can.

Re: Re: i am so out of the loop... (20/05/22 13:06:15) Reply
    I will leave this here ;)



Re: Re: Re: i am so out of the loop... (20/05/22 13:16:40) Reply
    interesting read:


omg (20/05/22 17:03:29) Reply
    you are the minister of my laziness :D
    keep posting, you are peaking my interest and half destroying my family life ;)
    must read this now...

    thank you.

someday... (20/05/22 16:57:25) Reply
    i am a little cynical but it didnt get trough in my post.
    my bad.
    thats the reason i mentioned the big bug film.

    anyway, while (like you) im sure this could be used for "the betterment of humankind", all i could think of is better deepfakes.

    maybe it says something, not sure if about me of humanity in general.

    but my point was, im amazed that people around me, that actually hold a degree in computer science, are so hyped up about this and asking when are we getting our own intelligent robot...

    so silly.

    i mean, besides the fact that AI is years behind anything like that, even if it would reach that point...

    ...well, wouldnt we need to emancipate (like the romanian jews) a "self aware" "AI" "robot"? (self-quote: "so when are we getting our human robot?")

    amazing math non the less. id like to think i have a soul, but i think that all just math...

    a geed ref: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Bicentennial_Man

    but maybe better:

    Niccolo, in his eagerness, ran almost squarely into the Bard, but he only rubbed at the spot on his hip where he had made contact and ran on.

    The activation signal of the Bard glowed. Niccolo’s collision closed a circuit and, although it was alone in the room and there was none to hear, it began a story, nevertheless.

    But not in its usual voice, somehow; in a lower tone that had a hint of throatiness in it. An adult, listening, might almost have thought that the voice carried a hint of passion in it, a trace of near feeling.

    the Bard said: "Once upon a time, there was a little computer named the Bard who lived all alone with cruel step-people. The cruel step-people continually made fun of the little computer and sneered at him, telling him he was good-for-nothing and that he was a useless object. They struck him and kept him in lonely rooms for months at a time.

    "Yet through it all the little computer remained brave. He always did the best he could, obeying all orders cheerfully. Nevertheless, the step-people with whom he lived remained cruel and heartless.

    "One day, the little computer learned that in the world there existed a great many computers of all sorts, great numbers of them. Some were Bards like himself, but some ran factories, and some ran farms. Some organized population and some analyzed all kinds of data. Many were very powerful and very wise, much more powerful and wise than the step-people who were so cruel to the little computer.

    "And the little computer knew then that computers would always grow wiser and more powerful until someday—someday—someday—"

    But a valve must finally have stuck in the Bard’s aging and corroding vitals, for as it waited alone in the darkening room through the evening, it could only whisper over and over again, "Someday—someday—someday."

    wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Someday_(short_story)

    FULL STORY: https://nyc3.digitaloceanspaces.com/sffaudio-usa/usa-pdfs/SomedayByIsaacAsimov.pdf

That day. (22/05/22 14:56:08) Reply

the day... love today! (22/05/22 18:13:13) Reply
    indeed! ( i did post this recently in a rant of mine )

    its interesting that 3 people posted on this thread and all see the dark side...
    your question remains open...
    is there seriously no one that can think of a "good" scenario?

    thats sad...


Who owns the AI?  (23/05/22 08:04:49) Reply
    The quick and easy and correct (?) answer: institutions with money. Having money is the basis for all power - the clean as well as the dirty ones (if it is possible to tell the difference).

    In a recent interview,


    elaborated that he had been fooled, stated that the West just had their eyes opened three months ago, and said something like

    There is no such thing as a good tsar.

    I think he is right. But the trait is present everywhere, with different words: Have no other gods than me. The jealousy of politicians towards or administrators towards locally powerful persons (in business, in politics, in arts, in science and academia) is amazing.

    I think the development in use of surveillance cameras in public areas is a good illustration. Face recognition. Vehicle recognition. Telephone tracing. The reasons or excuses may seem legitimate, but the potential for abuse, in the shape of political suppression, is immense.

    And even the most democratic country has politicians who argue for sending the system on the slippery slope towards the Chinese type of police state. Of course they will never admit it.

Predicting the future: Oracles, soothsayers (humans and machines) (23/05/22 17:38:20) Reply
    - Artificial "intelligence" which is only based upon statistical chewing of large materials seem to have no understanding and no discernible method in their analyses or predictions. It's a black box. So faking or poisoning will be near impossible to detect. IMO no such systems should be certified for real-world use - but OKed for scientific purposes like classifying celestial objects. The sheer number of such objects is too high to enable visual operator-based methods.

    Self-driving cars? Radar, multiple optical megapixel full-spectrum wide-angle sensors, ultrasound sensors - and ultrarapid picture and pattern recognition with ability to reconsider after jack-in-the-box events.


    Sifting through a statistics database will be waaaaay too slow.

    Carl Barks had a Gyro Gearloose story about predictions made by machine intelligence. The conclusion was: You have to ask the right questions, otherwise the replies will lead you into disaster.

Link to the story (23/05/22 17:48:02) Reply

    (sorry about the advertisements)

The link to the link (23/05/22 19:10:39) Reply

I just can't resist (24/05/22 07:42:36) Reply

    The Great Pop Up.

    Is it possible to make anything better than that? (the standard answer to such questions is "no".)

then dont 😁 (25/05/22 16:07:55) Reply
    resistance is futile anyway 😉

    thank you, e!

    these scans should go to archive.org imo.

I won't (26/05/22 17:39:26) Reply

    The article says that some people associate musical sound quality with colours. Most musical pieces give me no such associations - but the sound of Volvo 850 is definitely brown, And so is, unfortunately, my voice. I've tried to sing this one to children (and one grandchild).


    Every time I tried it, the child started to scream.

    But you can test yourselves with this nice little piece. The sound in the link isn't really good enough, but you can, if you have some similarity with me, still have an idea of colour at some of the solos of this one. A pity Bo Hansson died so early. I'm sure that inside of him there was more good music waiting to get out.


Re: the day... love today! good AI (31/05/22 07:29:27) Reply
    Well honestly in healthcare anything that requires intensive analysis will be better off with AI, top of my head, clinical diagnosis, MRI scans, and so on.

    Where I'm a bit cynical is on the scales of time, will the "good stuff" weight more than the "bad stuff"? that's where I hope so, but don't think so.


Re: there! yesterday... (15/06/22 15:28:53) Reply
    im amazed that people around me, that actually hold a degree in computer science, are so hyped up about this and asking when are we getting our own intelligent robot...

    20 min on the "news" yesterday about this "topic", and with a panel of "experts" no less.


    either this guy needed more followers on twitter or google just pulled off one of their publicity stunts...

oops, the link (15/06/22 15:29:38) Reply

come again

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