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Putin will starve the world bu depriving it of Ujrainian grain (23/05/22 12:00:45) Reply
    "Agrarian Minister Mykola Solsky said a surge in thefts from farms had occurred in the last two weeks. Ukrainian officials say that occupying forces have warned farmers and businesses that if they report thefts to the police they and their families would be in danger.
    For the occupiers, grain is an attractive commodity. The price of wheat is about $400 a ton on world markets and has moved sharply higher this year. It's difficult to trace its origins and can be easily shipped.
    Nivievskyi says countries in the Middle East are happy to buy Russian wheat, which they get at a 20% discount, and don't care whether it's really from Ukraine."


More (23/05/22 12:09:24) Reply
    "Russians had only allowed farmers to sow in Kherson if they agreed to surrender 70% of the harvest for nothing. Most farmers had refused.


    Trofimtseva said she had similar stories from Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. She said she heard that Russians were "proposing they would buy for 10% of the real value. And if you do not agree, then they will expropriate it for free. This is not isolated cases. This is a system."
    The theft of grain on such a huge scale -- combined with the dislocation of war -- could affect world markets. Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol, said: "If we do not harvest (the) next crop, the effect of hunger can be significant. And the main export route is ports which are currently blocked.""

    "CNN has previously reported on the theft of farm equipment, including sowers and harvesters, from a John Deere dealership in the city of Melitopol.
    Video and images obtained by CNN since shows the equipment being loaded on flat-bed trucks for a 1,126 kilometer (720 mile) journey to Chechnya.

    It's déja-vu. It wasn't only Stalin - it seems to be the Russians.

Re: More john Deere remote bricking (31/05/22 07:35:43) Reply

    This is scary to multiple levels...

Re: Re: More john Deere remote bricking (05/06/22 17:44:22) Reply
    >> This is scary to multiple levels...

    do tell...


    we have these tractors here too. there are other players besides jd though, same business pactice.
    they even have air conditioner! talk about a farmers hard work...
    i swear, if i had the money to rent or buy land, id go for it.
    i love plants, tech and the outdoors. and work is fun. what more could i ask for?
    grow plants by day, hack your tractor by night, agro-neo :D

    The idea is to require John Deere and other equipment makers to provide access to
    "the same agricultural equipment's diagnostic and repair information made available to the manufacturer's dealers."
    Deere has vigorously opposed this notion.
    The company argued that farmers had no right to access their proprietary code.

    like microsoft, they are entitled to keep their secrets i guess...
    oh boy, im getting old. in the ole days i would say lets pirate oops, nop, reverse (no, we cant do that either)... lets "liberate" the whole thing ;)

    at this point in my life im less interested in the security aspect. well, maybe not, but i wanna rant from a different angle.

    its bad business practice, the main one being, holding your bricked device as ransom.
    but this is what happens when there is no real competition, alternative.
    i think that anyone manufacturing something that is a brick("bare metal") + os + service provider all rolled into one should have a decent competition.
    the law should provide for this imvho. dont ask me how though.
    goes double for embedded.

    also,i dont know anything about this but imvho, remote/tech access should be a two key access system.
    you would need client consent and key to access and debug the clients machine and have the client present and informed during the diagnostic/repair (just like at the dr office)

    Due to this stalemate, American farmers began purchasing cracked Ukrainian John Deere software, including diagnostic programs, payload files, and electronic data link drivers.

    isnt this the exact same thing that goes on with our mobiles for years now?
    first it began in the 90's with sim locking, mobile custom firmwares and hacks (oh, the good ole days) and ended with the darn root access and lame lineageos and the likes.
    why arent there any open source phones?
    before you tell me there are, they suck.
    by an open source phone, i mean a phone that has an open os and is ready for the average joe to use without tinkering with it and without even noticing its not an android phone.
    the choice as to what service you want to subscribe to (google or ?) is left to the customer.
    ideally, and this would be a little harder, let the customer chose his os when he is placing his order. or make simple flashers [1]

    but then again, the money isnt in the brick itself or the "os", its in the os, apps and data mining (aka service) as a bundle.
    and quite frankly, who wants to sell cheap bricks when all you really want is the "customers" soul(data)?

    for example, my old xiaomi keeps insisting i use their sync service :D
    and im not even sure i dont. shrug. who really knows?

    speaking of which, i dont even wanna know what might be lurking in my phone, close the the physical layer even, but thats another rant in itself... ( although im sure youll link me to a pdf ;) )

    [1] i once had a chinese flashing tool that proudly announced at the end "nice to be flashing you!" =))
    i think i have a screenshot. priceless.
    im guessing they meant to say flashing _with_ you (not that its any better)
    good thing they didnt use "flushing" instead :D


Brick driving (06/06/22 14:35:57) Reply
    I thought I could contradict or supplement your rant, so I looked up the three tractor manufacturers I knew. Then I found this list


    and saw that I had seem more than I thought.

    Self-driving agricultural machinery - it won't be long before they are used on the steppes. Ukraine would be a good place for pilot installations to decrease the risk of workers being killed or injured by explosives.

    So we need public domain software for self-driving agricultural machines. Something for George Soros?


come again

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