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More (23/05/22 12:09:24)
    "Russians had only allowed farmers to sow in Kherson if they agreed to surrender 70% of the harvest for nothing. Most farmers had refused.


    Trofimtseva said she had similar stories from Zaporizhzhia and Kherson. She said she heard that Russians were "proposing they would buy for 10% of the real value. And if you do not agree, then they will expropriate it for free. This is not isolated cases. This is a system."
    The theft of grain on such a huge scale -- combined with the dislocation of war -- could affect world markets. Fedorov, the mayor of Melitopol, said: "If we do not harvest (the) next crop, the effect of hunger can be significant. And the main export route is ports which are currently blocked.""

    "CNN has previously reported on the theft of farm equipment, including sowers and harvesters, from a John Deere dealership in the city of Melitopol.
    Video and images obtained by CNN since shows the equipment being loaded on flat-bed trucks for a 1,126 kilometer (720 mile) journey to Chechnya.

    It's déja-vu. It wasn't only Stalin - it seems to be the Russians.

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