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It is not just about bridging grief (02/06/22 16:35:19)
    like in


    It is much more like this down-to-earth prescription list

    1: Surround Your Kids With Adults Who Love Them
    5. Ask for What You Need
    "For example, you might say, "I appreciate all your help. However, what I really need right now, more than meals, is for someone to take Johnny to baseball practice on Thursdays." There's nothing wrong with being specific about your needs."
    7. Seek Additional Support

    But again: The above is not a reply to my question.

    In spite of all those wars I believe there is too little research on the roles of fathers and the effects of losing one to enemy fire on the battlefield. Even quite recent wars were too long ago - with pre-modern relations between the sexes, to be of any help. Now we have families with two working parents and sharing of household chores and child caring. Mothers have one role. Fathers have another. Buth roles are desired and useful, and the other parent cannot have both roles. Sometimes father is needed. Sometimes only mother will do.

    Economy, of course, plays a role. Poverty for single parents is just devastating. I hope "they" or we manage to help the Ukrainian wodowed mothers adequately.

    I think there is enough hard evidence to show that fathers are necessary for a full qualification of a child into family life. The resources needed to show a child how a family man should be (for boys) and what to expect and demand of a man (for girls) may be impossible to gather in communities where almost all fathers have been lost and the survivors have PTSD.

    Fiction, in my experience, is written for entertainment by presenting the dysfunctional. Very rarely tpey present as how-to books. TV series, perhaps?

    Can they make the children learn anout the ups-and-downs of family life and that they downs will be replaced by ups and that conflicts do not need to lead to shouting - and that shouting can be stopped and replaced by reconciliation and forgiveness and forgetting. Can properly designed TV series be used for building robustness in deprived families?

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It is not just about bridging grief