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Funny. Partially true. But dead serious. And something OT (22/06/22 10:22:31)
    My definition of laziness: Refusing to carry out some action in spite of demand and desirability and all conditions being favourable. (Typically superiors accuse underlings of laziness. )

    So I invent some new terms: genuine laziness and pseudolaziness. Genuine laziness is defined above. It is an area for psychologists and psychiatrists, I think. Presently it might be hidden in some or other personality disorders – but IMHO the psychiatric terminology is full of euphemisms. Some of that may be rooted in the country of origin: The US of A. Commercial psychiatry does not willingly insult its customers: there is more money in labelling clients as victims of genetics or dysfunctional environments.
    I believe pseudolaziness is much more common than genuine laziness. Maybe laziness does not even exist.

    Some of it is covert aggression

    Passivity, labelled as laziness, may be damaging, sabotage-like, but there is reasonable deniability. The aggression can be explained away by excuses, such as inadequate instruction, insufficient rewards, lack of tools and/or materials, lack of assistance.

    I think we can see some related phenomena in the chaos on European airports these days. But most of it, I think, is because the now missing airport workers lost their jobs during the pandemic and feel little inclination to returning to poorly paid and harassing working conditions in a situation where there is shortage of labour everywhere owing to the war in Ukraine.

    And another: Lithuania has forbidden rail transport of supplies to Kaliningrad. It is an act of aggression, but totally passive. Air transport above EU/NATO territory of course will be controversial and perhaps impossible. We might remember what happened to a civilian passenger aircraft over Donbas in 2014


    or earlier


    Military aircraft, too,

    Swedish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catalina_affair

    as well as American


    (I remember this one)

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Funny. Partially true. But dead serious. And something OT