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Professors (13/04/15 18:49:14) Reply
    Quite a few people have experience with professors - some good, but in my experience it is mostly bad. One of my senior colleagues (now retired) once remarked: "In my mouth professor is a derogatory word". I knew what he was thinking - and of whom - but I think it is truer now than ever before.

    I am now the union representative in a commission to appoint someone to a senior position somewhere near me, combined with a professorship. Previously, on other occasions, the applicants were found qualified for full professorships; this time they were only found qualified for associate professorships. This was a blow; a sudden loss of pressure in the hot air balloon. These people think that the title is worth having. But it means working for a university that uses far too much of its resources on feeding an overgrown bureaucracy and too little on the students and on genuine research.

    By thinking positive they strive to become part of a negative system. I, of all people, say: If you want to do real research - go to industry instead of academia. If you choose industry, you might be lucky enough to find bosses who understand you and investors who shovel money on you. In academia you have to fight for every morsel, and your bosses are your rivals.


Re: Professors (14/04/15 02:28:12) Reply
    Interesting that you say so from your (country,position).
    I had always thought this was a country-specific thing.

    But then, perhaps, those two countries are close enough...

Re: Re: Professors (16/04/15 17:12:41) Reply
    According to my sources it's not only .no and .de.
    I have no firm evidence which professors are worse, but I know some of my locals and read about others, and I don't know yours, so I have my suspicions.

    Norwegian is some sort of simplified German. Germans take the language quickly, and my German daughter-in-law speaks a very good Norwegian. The Grandchildren are brought up bilingual, and the elder one (4) already is.

    United Europe? I'm all for it. Lots of quarrelling, for sure, but no more internal wars.

Pillars of light at the ourskirts of stability (09/05/15 06:15:32) Reply
    "In doing so the researchers also demonstrated that supercomputer simulation has become an indispensable tool for scientific discovery, on par with physical experiment. "

    "With eight protons and 15 neutrons, oxygen-23 does decay—and quickly. The oxygen-23 nucleus has a half-life of 82 milliseconds, meaning that if you have 10,000 atoms now you’ll be down to two or three within a second. Its neighbor, oxygen-24, is believed to be the heaviest an oxygen isotope can get; beyond it lies the so-called neutron drip line, where neutrons will no longer attach to a nucleus. While they may be rare, these and other exotic isotopes are important, at least in part because they challenge current theories of how a nucleus—and therefore the universe—is constructed."


    The light? I always associated unstable nuclei with ligh. In this case it is gamma rays. "Don't do that at home."

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