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This was on my mind... (18/05/15 18:37:21) Reply
    Of all the cruelest things man can do, amongst the top, making a person to loose confidence in their own capabilities is of the worst. Its very subtle and hence very hard to detect, it isolates the individual from within, making the individual a stranger within their common space of existence. Its at best a kind of mind control, especially if it is followed by a continuous string of subtle pushes towards the desired goal that the unwitting subject is meant to fulfill, the perpetrators themselves are hard to identify as well as they are masters of disguising their true intentions, and in most cases their either leaders or even very much older then their victims, bottom line been that its a abuse of power that has been bestowed upon them, by the trust of their victims. Economically just think of the out comes of the practical application of such a philosophy, it really isn't a surprise that the rich will keep getting richer, and this not been cause the masses or zombies in this case are dumb, but because they look at their role models, educate themselves and repeat what they have learned on an even bigger level than those who taught them, their efforts effectively emancipate those that came before them,the true perpetrators fade into the background with every passing generation. False hope, put the carrot in front of the people and watch them chase it to their death, call it what ever the philosophy remains the same, i am sure by now you realise this really does irk me, so i am going to put my energies to some thing more constructive, after all i allow them to exist the more i entertain this subject...

Re: This was on my mind... (18/05/15 19:10:49) Reply
    ja, this starts in the childhood, but is perfected in school.
    reminds me of the "invisible kid" story of moomintrol series by Tove janson..

(in respect) Were you John Lennon in an earlier life? (18/05/15 19:19:58) Reply


    If so, I hope you can pick up songwriting about where he left it.

come again

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