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Pillars of light at the ourskirts of stability (09/05/15 06:15:32)
    "In doing so the researchers also demonstrated that supercomputer simulation has become an indispensable tool for scientific discovery, on par with physical experiment. "

    "With eight protons and 15 neutrons, oxygen-23 does decay—and quickly. The oxygen-23 nucleus has a half-life of 82 milliseconds, meaning that if you have 10,000 atoms now you’ll be down to two or three within a second. Its neighbor, oxygen-24, is believed to be the heaviest an oxygen isotope can get; beyond it lies the so-called neutron drip line, where neutrons will no longer attach to a nucleus. While they may be rare, these and other exotic isotopes are important, at least in part because they challenge current theories of how a nucleus—and therefore the universe—is constructed."


    The light? I always associated unstable nuclei with ligh. In this case it is gamma rays. "Don't do that at home."

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Pillars of light at the ourskirts of stability