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Re: This used to be... (23/10/15 09:44:52)
    Yup. It's not as much cautiousness as tiredness and getting grown-up. I for o still have opinions, but I don't feel that it differs from most of yours to make it an interesting share.
    I need to disagree with the establishment taking over the net. We are still here and in better positions - I for one run my own mail and dns servers, 4096 bit ssl etc...
    I feel a bit flooded with the masses, but was able to stay away from facebook and its kind. Was surprised when seen at the neighbours' that youtube actually have advertisings with the clips - I never seen one on my machine. Actually thought that this news about "youtube red" where you can get youtube without ads and with downloadable content is a joke - as I never seen ads and never had any problem "downloading" anything that could be watchable in browser.

    In the old times it was easy to get other techies doing something interesting. I am willing to bet that some of them are still there doing things and also that there are new ones, but the search engines seems to be spammed by EVERYDAY LIFE.

    Everything is full of people and they all seems to be idiots. It seems that nobody can read but everybody can write. Everybody misinterpret everything and then answers on that. Read a random youtube comments thread, slashdot thread, whatever thread - its made up by general idiots arguing with a new kind of troll called the "social justice warrior" wich is an absolutely stomach-churning kind. And it seeps out to real life, now they ( the sjw kind ) try to upset the herd and harass whoever they can - joining with the media.

    My last contemporary good find was a parody/pseudonews site - duffelblog. Not perfect, but got some really funny ( ironic? ) bits, you maybe haven't thought the american can think up ( Like the two marines kickstarter project to retake fallujjah ).

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Re: This used to be...