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Openness - how? (11/10/15 19:45:10) Reply
    There are things I publish on open fora and things that I keep somewhat more confidential.

    In governments and companies there may be rules.


    When I was a boy during the nineteenfifties and -sixties my parents instructed me that some types of information must not be shared outside of the family. But my parents were teenagers during the 1940-1945 occupation, and informers were a daily risk to be dealt with.

    It must be hard to be a US three-letter-agency, listening in on all the smartphones of the world. It's some sort of a God role. Even believers may sometimes have the feeling that God doesn't listen.

Re: Openness - how? (14/10/15 01:00:54) Reply
    You don't want me to get on this. You better don't...

come again

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