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The boiling frog (20/06/18 19:51:14) Reply
    The gradual reintroduction of church-supported regression towards the past looks like the slow boiling of frogs. Just heat the water slowly - then the frog will not notice until it is too late. So the struggle must start early enough and be run hard enough by many enough. Now we also have the fake-news factories to cope with.

    If Europe lets herself go into the future along directions from the church, then there will be no counterweight against the Chinese expansion. If we keep Europe progressive, there is no end to interesting and mutually beneficial collaboration.

    The USA may be lost already if we look at the majority. But the US is a big country with lots of good Darwinists.


    (I hope the last one isn't fake. But breeding dogs has been done before. Just think of Mr. Dobermann.).

Re: The boiling frog (22/06/18 00:18:52) Reply
    Not sure what particular church organization you are talking about, but Catholic church recognizes Evolution and Bing-bang theory (no need to remind you who certain Georges Lemaître was himself?) since at least 2014:

    Now, numerous run-of-the-mill neoprotestant obscurantists from USA (baptists, methodists, pentecostals - "legion is their name") are a different story, but they cannot make peace between themselves and split and proliferate their isolationists sects, like cancer, into eternity. So I would not be afraid of these critters taking over for real anytime soon.

    What worries me much more, are liberal soZIalists, they are reaching out towards Math (and STEM in general):

    Another thing to worry about for remaining Caucasoid Europeans, would be Sharia Law interpretation of Evolution:

    As for Chinese, they might simply take you by numbers, what will you offer in response - illegal Arabs offspring? Very funny.

    P.S. Darwin himself was a practicing Anglican Christian (and turning into Agnostic closer to the end of his life).

Re: Re: The boiling frog (22/06/18 06:24:59) Reply
    My field isn't politics or religion. Even so I feel entitled to have an uneducated opinion about both: My daily life is, and the future of my grandchildren are likely to be, highly influenced by them. The complexity is high, and I really have enough with the complexity of more tangible matters even closer to my daily life.

    So I'd like to quote

    "In 2012, Paul Krugman wrote: "the big threat to our discourse is right-wing political correctness, which – unlike the liberal version – has lots of power and money behind it. And the goal is very much the kind of thing Orwell tried to convey with his notion of Newspeak: to make it impossible to talk, and possibly even think, about ideas that challenge the established order."[27]"


yet (05/07/18 18:30:24) Reply
    the frog always jumps out of the pot well before the temperature is boiling

    always disturbing these common sayings about casual murder of innocent creatures, boiled frog, cat out of the (kill)bag, etc

    hearken to darwin, yet persist with the interchangable human widget fallacy

    "regression towards the past" like rape-free and murder-free civilised countries without nogo zones? moar. faster.

    not considered is the possibility that canus lupus was already habituated and bred to be in the company of man long before the other breeds were teased out of the helix - æons ago.

    most 'history' is palatable fantasy, clear evidence of antediluvian civilisations are everywhere if a seeker has a mind to look.

    does looking within and not finding a spirit cause the projection of the atheist to declare none else must therefore have a spirit?

    perhaps the spirit within is only hiding or occluded by fear?

    all is well in the forest, much to do before the equinox moon


come again

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