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How Europe will eat Halal ...   (09/07/18 15:50:36) Reply

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Re: How Europe will eat Halal ...   (10/07/18 05:59:19) Reply
    Being aware of these historical lessons will certainly help in avoiding repetitions. But really: This isn't a bottom-up process - it is just as much, or more, a top-down process. The rulers are never against it. If they were, they would use power against it.

    Analysis of all historical events IMHO should include a search for corrupt processes. When I re-view what little I know of history, I see corruption almost everywhere.

    So - where is the money?

How Saudi Arabia will have female priests and female sharia judges and a ruling queen (10/07/18 08:08:36) Reply
    One of the lessons from history may be that passivity and avoidance is a losing strategy. It is better to be on the offensive.

    Our press were not up to the task when the Saudis announced a woman can have a driver's licence. They reported it as progress - but it wasn't.

    Convincing evidence of progress will be the establishment of a legal basis for the above mentioned roles for women.

Hah: Catholics, orthodox christans, hindus (12/07/18 14:34:29) Reply
    Give me 50 percent of the cardinals as women, and a Mope.
    Similarly elsewhere. Now it is time for challenging seriously and effectively the old patriarchal practices - now that lack of resources no longer can be used as excuse for depriving girls of an opportunity to developing all their talents and harvesting the rewards from their work.

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