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Mistaken Futures (11/02/19 23:36:49) Reply
    "Most of the beliefs and attitudes of the present day will be overturned with the demise of the industrial orgy, like the idea that humanity follows an unerring arc of progress, that men and women are interchangeable and can do exactly the same work, that society should not be hierarchical, that technology will rescue us, and that we can organize some political work-arounds to avoid the pain of universal contraction":

Kunstler fan

Return to the not very glorious past (13/02/19 20:03:46) Reply
    Good people make serious efforts to solve today's problems and prevent potential problems tomorrow.

    Too many not so good people keep sitting on their fat behinds writing twits and blogs and facebook entries where the essential message is hate of good people and naysaying to all proposals.

    Make the UK and USA great again? Re-establish colonies and slavery, reinstate the family values of the catholic and protestant churches, let teachers and parents beat the children into obedience. Bring back the horses to agriculture. Ban contraception. Ah, wait ..

come again

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