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Déja-vu (09/01/22 19:10:42) Reply
    I had a lookup the other day in The Rise And Fall of The Third Reich - for a more accessible reference: Wikipedia: Munich agreement

    "Most of Europe celebrated the Munich agreement, which was presented as a way to prevent a major war on the continent. The four powers agreed to the annexation of the Czechoslovak borderland areas named the Sudetenland, where more than 3 million people, mainly ethnic Germans, lived. Adolf Hitler announced it was his last territorial claim in Europe.

    Germany had started a low-intensity undeclared war on Czechoslovakia on 17 September 1938. In reaction, the United Kingdom and France on 20 September formally asked Czechoslovakia to cede its territory to Germany, which was followed by Polish territorial demands brought on 21 September and Hungarian on 22 September. Meanwhile, German forces conquered parts of Cheb District and Jeseník District and briefly overran, but were repelled from, dozens of other border counties. Poland also grouped its army units near its common border with Czechoslovakia and also instigated generally unsuccessful sabotage on 23 September.[2] Hungary also moved its troops towards the border with Czechoslovakia, without attacking. "

    I see two reminders these days. One more advanced than the other - but the evil spirits are the same.

Re: Déja-vu (05/02/22 21:14:08) Reply
    I was reading today that one of the actors is going to do their annual nuclear exercises as a shock and awe. but who is to trust the narrative of one side.

    There's a lot to it, from what I've seen it seems like west vs east. China also does not want NATO "expansion"...

    I do think if we get to any conflict it will be very different from anything to date, the cyber space in the last years has been probed by state actors, how else would we find out that 50% of the east cost oil pipeline is controller by a single computer system. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colonial_Pipeline_ransomware_attack

    The reconnaissance has been happening in the last years...

Re: Re: Déja-vu (05/02/22 21:17:47) Reply
    if this[1] is not edginess I really don't know...


Old news (10/02/22 08:40:21) Reply
    They have already invaded. Years ago. They may call it something else, but that's only formalism. Conquering some old empire territory, just giving it another label.

    Provoking all the time, then all the time accusing the other side of provocations.

    If the systems were decent, then some dictators and dictator-wannabees would already be serving jail time and seizure of their assets.

    We should not yield. When in doubt: just look at how those dictators treat their own people.

Déja-vu1968 (25/02/22 21:59:32) Reply

    ""But Sasha, the problem isn't in that fact that you met with journalists. We came to an agreement when we met. We agreed that all mass media, the press, radio, television, will be brought under the control of the central committee of the Communist Party and the government, and after Bratislava, that all anti-Soviet and anti-socialist publications will be stopped. In the Soviet Union, we are keeping our side of the deal and are not engaging in any open criticism of Czechoslovakia. But as far as the Czechoslovak organs of mass communication are concerned, they are continuing unhindered to attack the Soviet Communist Party, the Soviet Union and there have even been cases of attacks on leading figures in our party. They are calling us Stalinists and things like that. I ask you, what is that supposed to mean?"

    Dubcek responds with silence. As the conversation goes on, Brezhnev's tone gets more aggressive. Again he wants to know why the reformists have not yet been purged from leading positions. Dubcek's justification, on the basis that decisions have to be taken collectively, is worlds away from the simple, unbending truths of real-socialism, Brezhnev-style.

    Dubcek:"Leonid Ilyich, this issue cannot just be solved by a directive from above, coming into effect everywhere at once. We have to wait until both Slovaks and Czechs have agreed to a suitable solution. That's why the party leadership can only solve this question by telling the government and the minister to prepare suitable arguments for a final solution to be carried out a little later."

    Brezhnev:"How much later?"

    Dubcek:"In October, the end of October."

    Brezhnev: "What can I say, Sasha? This is nothing but more deception. This is more proof that you are deceiving us. I can't put it any other way. I will speak quite bluntly: if you prove unable to solve this question, then it seems to me that your party leadership is no longer in control."

    Dubcek: "But this isn't deception. We are trying to fulfil the obligations to which we committed ourselves. But in a way that is possible in the current complex situation."

    Brezhnev: "But understand that this situation - your stubborn attitude towards the commitments we made at Cierna nad Tisou - changes things completely. We must take issue with this and have no choice but to reassess the situation and take new, independent measures.""

Maybe, just maybe (26/02/22 19:02:42) Reply
    There is little reason to believe that the private Russian soldier knew what the army was up to. So the motivation for really hard fighting might be so-so.

    So - how about promising rewards for desertion? A family flat in Dresden or Paris or Madrid or Budapest or Oslo plus a language packet and a job - say electric car mechanic? Or solar park builder? Or building reconstruction worker (to improve isolationo after the cutout of Russian natural gas? Lots of workers neededin environment cleanup. Young and strong soldiers would be ideal. The rough life of a Russian soldier doesn't look attractive.

News (26/02/22 19:11:58) Reply

    Itlooks as though this site keeps up-to-date with developments.

The tsar threatening with nukes: RUSSIANS: GET RID OF HIM NOW (n/t) (27/02/22 15:24:27) Reply

Re: The tsar threatening with nukes: RUSSIANS: GET RID OF HIM NOW (28/02/22 17:40:22) Reply
    Take a deep breath old friend, we all survived the cold war...

    Polonium came to mind for a lot of people ;)

    My better half's family is from Moldova(Romania) and Ukraine.
    Apparently they all think Ukraine rightly belongs to this fake czar.
    Propaganda works! Especially when you drip it for decades.
    Maybe slow poison has a longer lasting impact than a "mort subite"?

    Anyway, related, or not...

    Two challenges:

    1) Was Maxim Gorky a plagiarist?

    2) Find the article mentioned below (if you can) and tell me what you think...

    From wikipedia: "The political opinions Istrati expressed after his split with Bolshevism are rather ambiguous. He was still closely watched by the Romanian secret police (Siguranța Statului), and he had written an article (dated April 8, 1933) in the French magazine Les Nouvelles littéraires, aptly titled L'homme qui n'adhère à rien ("The man who will adhere to nothing")."


    I promise to find the time to answer you mail...

Re: Re: The tsar threatening with nukes: RUSSIANS: GET RID OF HIM NOW (01/03/22 09:59:32) Reply
    All I know by now is that Solsjenitsyn (written as we do in .no) had no respect for Gorky.

    I'll have a look, but cannot promise when.

Politics and organised crime (01/05/22 16:06:38) Reply
    There might be some today-relevant information in an analysis of the collaboration between Italian politics and the Sicilian mafia.


    "The origin of the Sicilian Mafia has been traced back to the demand for protection from southern landlords and urban elites, generated by the power vacuum that followed the defeat of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies (Gambetta, 1996; Bandiera, 2003; Dixit, 2003). During the period of parliamentary monarchy (1861–1921), the Sicilian Mafia acted as a military force for the island’s ruling class, fighting against workers’ protests and revolts (Acemoglu et al., 2017).

    After a parenthesis during Fascism, when the regime launched a military campaign to re-establish the State’s control over the island, the collaboration between the Sicilian Mafia and the conservative (centre-right) bloc resumed. This followed the birth of the so-called First Italian Republic (1946–93), which re-introduced free democratic elections (every five years) under universal suffrage with a proportional rule. In this period there was a competition between the Christian Democratic Party, who was always the leader of a ruling coalition along with several small parties, and the Communist Party. Some of the most prominent Sicilian members of the Christian Democratic Party accepted the Mafia’s support in order to reinforce their positions against leftist opponents. In return, if elected they would use their influence to subvert the police and judicial system’s interference with Mafia activities (Falcone, 1991; Paoli, 2003; Lodato and Buscetta, 2007). The other criminal organizations—that is, Camorra and ’Ndrangheta—also established links with politics, but their partisan leaning has been much more volatile over time."

    Religion seems to have a role

    "The collusion between factions of the Christian Democrats and criminal organizations is well-known and appeared in many judicial investigations. We explore this relationship by looking at prosecutors’ requests to proceed against a member of Parliament (“Richieste di autorizzazione a procedere”), which are required in order to lift Parliamentary immunity from judicial investigations.9 The institution of Parliamentary immunity was abolished in 1993, so our data only cover the period up to that year. Since 1983, when Article 416-bis was introduced into the penal code, eleven members of Parliament were investigated as active members of criminal organizations; all of them had been elected in the Christian Democratic Party or in its allied parties. In addition, many more politicians were investigated for “simple” criminal association (Article 416 of the Penal Code) or for malfeasance, which is often indicative of links with criminal organizations. Figure 1 shows that Christian Democrats and their allies were more likely to be investigated for all these types of crimes than politicians of the Left, even more so in Sicily, Campania, and Calabria."

come again

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