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State of democracy post covid 19 (17/01/22 17:23:17) Reply
    Alot has been on my mind, can democracy still be called democracy or has it been fused with communism or is what we are seeing just a return to the dictatorship of the 2 world War or is it a passing phase and if so how will the concentration of power going to be reversed. Power dynamics have been distrurbed by covid, and to gain this power back one needs to mandate, build a foundation of control. It matters not whether you are healthy but just that you obey, this has always been the way of the world but in recent times subtlety has been taken out of it. Colonialism was the foundation of control in the past and psychology will be of the future,data is the new oil.

    The seekers have become the sought


Re: State of democracy post covid 19 (18/01/22 17:58:15) Reply
    If story has taught us anything is that it behaves in cycles, so I do believe this is transient but not sure how long it will take to move to other pastures.

    Personally I don't think power dynamics have been disturbed, if anything exacerbated, the train has been on the same track for a while now it's just getting faster and faster, maybe it will crash?

    Sometimes I wonder what historians will say about these times...

    But could not agree more, the seekers re have become the sought.


Re: State of democracy post covid 19 (19/01/22 08:28:11) Reply
    I think analysis needs to be made locally and political action needs to be taken locally, based on local knowledge and local priorities. And if you ask me to define "local", I choose to be vague.
    One worry is increasing political dictatorship, using police and emergency laws. Another is the buildup of economic inequalities. And I think, based on history, that there is a good reason to fear the collaboration of dictatorial-minded politicians and big money.

    But I say it now, and maybe it will not be the first or last time: The enemy of my enemy may be my enemy too. There are always great dangers associated with using Beelzebub
    to drive out the devil.

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