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Skolelinux 20 years after (31/01/22 19:55:22) Reply
    Has anyone seen it live in a school?

Re: Skolelinux 20 years after (02/02/22 02:48:39) Reply
    Not here.
    In Portugal there was this initiative of proving low cost laptops to kids aged 6 to 10 https://pt.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Port%C3%A1til_Magalh%C3%A3es
    Despite being a flop due to schools policies and lack of understanding how to best make use of it, one of the underlying operating system was Caixa mágica (Ubuntu based).
    supertux the game became widely popular due to kids using it at the time.

    That experiment is the one I remember from the last years where Linux was introduced to a population segment.

Re: Re: Skolelinux 20 years after (04/02/22 19:31:34) Reply
    The primary school near me uses iPads. The first years the reading skills were below average. They say the use has been modified to make up for that.

    When I was a child around 1960, parents said they were worried about the effect of reading Donald Duck on the intellectual development of children. Or maybe it was because of the cost.

    I still love those Carl Barks stories.

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