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WWIII (13/03/22 00:31:38) Reply
    Lavrov believes WWIII is a nuclear war. It just shows how backwards his thinking is. The tsar has a number of landline telephones in his office according to sources. It just shows how backwards his thinking is. The war in Ukraine, and the past wars in Chechnya, Syria, Georgia, Ukraine, and the suppression of dissent in Russia including the murders and imprisonments, all serve to confirm it.

    WWIII is a war between the democratic forces and the tyrannies. The tyrants thought the softness of the democracies was weakness when it was kindness. Now, finally, the evil tyrannies have exposed themselves. The islamic ones have been going on for some time. China too. Then the tsar broke the red line after inching towards it for years.

    WWIII is the existential war. Lose it, and life will not be worthwhile living because all will be for the benefit of the oligarchs who will rule by violence, poverty and ignorance like the kings and religious leaders of the past. Win it, and life will be the eternal bickering of democracies , where everybody will be ble to reap the benefits of her or his work.

    So the US of A is one of the tyrannies in need of reform.

    If the world is going to be saved, it is from Europe. Ukraine is at the front. I am very sorry for their sacrifices and sufferings, but they are the bootstraps of the salvation of the entire world.

    Zelensky: I am sorry it had to be you and your people.

Preventing WWIV (14/03/22 09:13:21) Reply
    WWIII is raging. It is going to get a lot worse, and the height of the climax will depend on the Chinese: If they supply the tsar with weapons, there is no end to the number of casualties – by violence, by famine, and by epidemics.

    We have learnt from history that a war tends to carry the seeds of the next. We saw it with WWI-WWII. I think we see it, too, with WWIII. It will take huge sacrifices and very long time, but our side is going to win WWIII because the tyrannies, eventually, are going to crumble because of internal decay: yes-man-ship and corruption. I can see that our side, in the relatively peaceful period after WWII, have learnt to tolerate corruption in our own systems – endogenous corruption entirely by our own crooks, but also corruption incited and sponsored by those who are now generally recognised as our enemies. Of course there must be a lot of overlap.

    We already see the first abductions of mayors, killings of journalists, and recruiting of quislings*.

    We can learn some from our enemies. Herodotus.

    «Thrasybulus was an ally of Periander, the tyrant of Corinth. He features in a famous anecdote from Herodotus's Histories,[2] in which a messenger from Periander asks Thrasybulus for advice on ruling.[3] Thrasybulus, instead of responding, takes the messenger for a walk in a field of wheat, where he proceeds to cut off all of the best and tallest ears of wheat. The message, correctly interpreted by Periander, was that a wise ruler would preempt challenges to his rule by "removing" those prominent men who might be powerful enough to challenge him»

    There is also something in Greek mythology
    «According to Hesiod, the Hydra was the offspring of Typhon and Echidna.[3] It had poisonous breath and blood so virulent that even its scent was deadly.[4] The Hydra possessed many heads, the exact number of which varies according to the source. Later versions of the Hydra story add a regeneration feature to the monster: for every head chopped off, the Hydra would regrow two heads.[5] Heracles required the assistance of his nephew Iolaus to cut off all of the monster's heads and burn the neck using a sword and fire.]»

    So – the roots must be taken adequately care of if we are going to prevent WWIV.

    «At the beginning of Peter’s reign, Russia was territorially a huge power, but with no access to the Black Sea, the Caspian, or the Baltic, and to win such an outlet became the main goal of Peter’s foreign policy.»

    In the article there is a historic map of the expansion of Russia 1300-1796. It didn’t stop there.
    Russia cannot be defeated militarily – it needs to fall apart from internal decay. The tsar knows that – as we can see from the actions of history and of today. Once the rot has become unstoppable, it will be easier to divide Russia into 5 or more states: the landlocked Moscow, plus three parts, each with connection to one ocean, plus Siberia – for a beginning.

    But symbols of the Russian empire must be demolished early in the process.


    plus the power-associated buildings of

    Lots of artistic value will be lost – but the empire builders will lose their connection to the glorious past – which in turn will save the lives of millions.


    «Quisling and his National Samling (or Norwegian Nazi party) have already, under the close protection of the Germans, set up many of the features of the Nazi state in Norway. He has his own Storm Troops, anti-Jewish laws, and even his own “winter help.” Parliament, the free press, and an honest and unfettered judiciary have disappeared. Quisling’s position is described as midway between a chief of state and a Premier. In reality he will be figurehead exercising under limited authority the powers of a sub-dictator. The Germans find it convenient to govern Norway through a puppet, though it does not deceive anyone – the Norwegians, the outside world, or even the Germans themselves. A national council of pro-German “yes men” is to be set up, apparently on corporative lines, with the same title as the former Norwegian parliament, or with a similar name. This body will not, of course, be a legislature, but it is stated that it will exercise certain powers over the conduct of the State.
    Quisling’s first act as puppet chief of state will be to declare that war between Norway and Germany is at an end. If that were seriously meant Germany might be expected to evacuate Norway, and Norway, as a free sovereign state, would revert to its former neutrality and resume diplomatic relations with other countries. Actually, the main purpose of this fiction appears to be a desire by Quisling to be recognised by Sweden and his government’s representative to become Norwegian minister in Stockholm.»

(ah, I forgot) (14/03/22 09:54:33) Reply
    Independence for Kaliningrad - Königsberg. The Baltic Singapore. Or Goa.

Re: (ah, I forgot) (14/03/22 20:34:10) Reply
    And I thought I had an original idea! Silly me.

The theorist behind Putins crimes (25/03/22 07:03:26) Reply
    Today's edition of my favourite weekly paper had a front page article about


    Now I know where all those reactionaries affiliated to Putin have their ideological foundation.

    It is well worth reading IMO.

Pacts of friendship between dictatorships (26/03/22 14:08:06) Reply
    When dictatorships/tyrannies are make bilateral agreements, the words can be twisted and bent in any direction - or are false in as much as you like of relevant details, So - what is the real content of the declaration of friendship between Russia and China? In this relation, China is the con, and Russia is the sucker. Russia is having problems with supplies of goods and money owing to the sanctions. China has the opportunity of taking advantage of it businesswise - and it seems that they do and will do. Politically they have sided with Russia because they do not criticise the Russian aggression. On the other hand they haven't openly sided with Russia, because this would easily lead to intensified sanctions against China's extremely debt-ridden economy. I suppose popular goodwill inside of China towards the dictatorship is crumbling under the surface because of the very poor handling of the coronavirus epidemic, the running corruption, the suppression of dissent, the criminal violence in HongKong. So looting Siberia might be good for the financial health of Xi's corruptocracy.

Fictious (?) precedent? (27/03/22 14:55:07) Reply
    "The Wolf and The Lamb :

    A wolf spied a lamb who was drinking out of a stream and began to think of an excuse to attack it and eat it.
    ‘You are making my part of the stream dirty’, accused the wolf.
    ‘How can that be?’ said the lamb.’You are further upstream than me and the water flows down, not up.’
    ‘Aren’t you the lamb who insulted my father last year?’ asked the wolf.
    ‘I wasn’t even born last year,’ came the reply.
    ‘Enough of all this talk,’ snarled the wolf. ‘I am not going to miss a chance of eating you just because you are good at excuses.’




Defending against obsolete military technology (30/03/22 08:02:20) Reply
    The TTT (Thug-Turned-Tsar)

    "ussia has relied on military tactics that are rooted in the 20th century; legions of tanks and columns of vehicles, pounding cities into submission with artillery and rockets, while not embracing the latest technologies. "


Peace talks and football (31/03/22 12:59:33) Reply
    GTTT (the gutter thug turned tsar) and his people say something about withdrawing troops to ease the tension. All lies, of course, as those people only speak to gain themselves undeserved favours.

    Anyway, the young football star Erling Haaland stated, in his Twitter account, in his broad dialect

    "Snakk me fødne så går helste alt aent godt."
    Speak with your feet, then the other things tend work out.

    Advice to GTTT: Withdraw from occupied territory - Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Japan, Finland, Caucasus, release political prisoners, abolish those tyrannical laws, specially those regarding the press and mass media, and reeducate the police, then maybe things will get better for you.

RE: Protest against corrupt practices (31/03/22 18:01:52) Reply
    The Norwegian representative to FIFA has made a speech on the FIFA congress touching upon the corrupt practices of the organisation.

    Opposition has to start somewhere.


    (just biography)

Winning WWIII (01/04/22 16:04:05) Reply
    No thinking person wishes to be a bottom-level disposable meatsack in GTTT's Soviet_Union#2. People who have enough money and opportunity, emigrate.

    I don't think it makes much difference for the future of a country with a large brainwashed majority - descendants of serfs. The GTTT gives laws, and the church and media do the maintenance work.

    So a plan to civilise Russia requires a long process of redirected brainwashing. Female priests could be a beginning. Failure to civilise Russia will generate WWIV, -V, -VI --- ad infinitum.

Bottom-up (re)habilitation (01/04/22 19:37:46) Reply
    I think a good place to start is a social system that has blocked the accumulation of large personal wealth - to put obstacles in the way for those who wish to be a Putin#2.

    Then education for all. Real education, not religio-political brainwashing.

De-nazifying Russia (06/04/22 11:35:54) Reply
    The number of casualties in de-nazifying Russia - I wonder if the number of casualties needs to be any higher than the number of civilian deaths in Ukraine as a result of the Russian genocidal raid.

The Harvest of Sorrow (06/04/22 12:43:54) Reply

    Please read with interest the last chapter of the article. I can almost hear the voice of Lavrov.

    or Vasily Nebenzia


    Putin's and Stalin's use of words about Ukrainians are almost identical. So the genocidal attempt is nothing new.

    I read in Olav Randen's book about famine in the Nordic countries

    that Finland was invaded by Russia some 300 years ago. They burned large areas, killed 5000 people and took 10000 people as prisoners-of-war/slaves.

    Again: nothing new in 2022.

Influencers (06/04/22 17:43:09) Reply
    Volodymyr Zelenskyy has had spectacular success in the role as Ukraine's wartime leader. I hope some day his speechwriting team will appear, too, to receive their well-deserved recognition.

    There is nothing more dramatic than a full-scale attack from a genocidal enemy, so getting (my) attention was easy. Becoming a worldwide superstar is an entirely different matter.

    What can we learn from him and his team? Is it useful outside of that specific war setting?

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