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Escalation into nuclear warfare? (30/04/22 11:34:44) Reply
    In the beginning of the cowardly and fraudulent attack on Ukraine, covert or overt threats of using nukes has some effect, not only on Putin's shills in the west. After the world has seen the Russian mode of non-nuclear warfare, nuclear war is not so much of a threat any more. Total destruction of targets comes anyway. Nuclear war is not so much of an escalation as we thought.

    The only acceptable target has become total defeat of the putinist aggression, with dissolution of Russia. They had their chance in February and March. They could perhaps have saved themselves in April. But not they have gone too far.

Correction: "now" (n/t) (30/04/22 12:12:12) Reply

Re: Escalation into nuclear warfare? (01/05/22 10:42:43) Reply
    It is true, "*now they have gone too far" they is no turning back now... Scary very scary

    From a distance the most imminent threat looks like it is economic then political, regime change. If all else fails, negotiations end, the gloves come off, Ukraines borders are breached from within. Nuclear can't be written off

    Will the time be used wisely? Which man can save his brothers soul?


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