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Wastewater treatment (23/02/15 19:58:12)
    The worst case I know was from the Autrian wine scandal of 1985. Because wine had been contaminated by diethylene glycol (which is less toxic than ethylene glycol, but anyway undesirable in products for consumption), 25 million liters of wine were finally incinerated in a cement oven because the standard sewage treatment installations do not dispose adequately of diethylene glycol.

    Dyeing of textiles is a potentially problematic activity. The dye that is not fastened on the textiles, ends up in water. Fish, snails crustaceans and plants may prefer clean water - so how to eliminate the more or less toxic chemicals? One andwer is oxidation.

    Oxygenated water from electrolysis with catalytic iron ions.


    Drug residues are another source. Antidepressants, antibiotics, sex hormones, drugs of abuse. What we take sooner or later ends in the water and the fish. Or in the water intakes of the cities further down the river.

    The space station people know all about that because they recycle their water all the time. Those who prepare for the journey to Mars will have to get used to the thought.

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Wastewater treatment