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No consolation (17/03/15 20:25:27)
    If the economy is difficult, there is not much choice. In countries that are ridden by unemployment, young people may not have any choice but have to keep on living with their parents. No room, then, for having an own family.

    My parents by a stroke of luck could move out because my father - just after finishing his exams (this was 1950) - applied successfully for a job somewhere in the middle of nowhere in Northern Norway. There he went from house to house asking for room for rent so he could marry his girlfriend and finally had luck well out of town: one room on the second floor, and one in the attic. I was born a year later. Most of the contemporaries of my parents tried to find work in the city where they had studied. So they kept staying with the parents until the housing situation improved.

    Nowadays - if families have no choice because of the economy, it is because the politicians have let them down.

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