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Climate change and models for it (04/04/15 16:05:39)
    According to my sources the best present climate models were unable to predict the high rate of Arctic sea ice melting - so there is a project for the research ship Lance. Freeze it into the polar ice and take your measurements.

    University of Hamburg (partner)
    Norwegian Polar Institute (partner)
    University of Bergen (partner)
    Norwegian Meteorological Institute (partner)
    Norwegian University of Science and Technology (partner)
    University Centre in Svalbard (partner)
    Northern Research Institute (partner)
    The Arctic University of Norway (partner)
    University of Oslo (partner)
    Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (partner)
    Alfred Wegener Institute (partner)
    British Antarctic Survey (partner)
    Ice – Atmosphere – Arctic Ocean Observing System, University Pierre and Marie Curie (partner)
    Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (partner)
    Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (partner)
    Earth and Space Research (partner)
    Finnish Meteorological Institute (partner)
    Korea Polar Research Institute (partner)
    University of Washington – Applied Physics Laboratory (partner)

    Here's the blog


    OK - will there be useful results and improved predictions, or will it all drown in politics and bureaucracy and trivial publications?

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Climate change and models for it