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Health monitoring (26/04/15 11:39:43)
    I see that Apple will help us monitor our acticity - the amount of physical movement, the quality of the physical movement, possibly by analysing the heart frequency associated with those movements. I 24/7/365 wearer will also, I gather, have a complete record of the sleep/wake cycle and count on the hours of sleep. Enthusiastic journalists have trumpeted that this will need to longer lives of the wearers.

    I remember that the first iPhone was ridiculed by the CEO of Nokia ("you can even phone with it") - and look where Nokia is now. I also remember that the world did not need more than 5 or seven computers, and that personal computers needed no more than 640 kilobytes of RAM. But anyway.

    Continuous monitoring has minimal value in preserving the health of healthy people. People in need of pulse monitoring are usually already in intensive care units of some sort, and people who go to the ICU have had alarming symptoms first. People in need of glucose monitoring are already diagnosed as diabetic, and they already regularly monitor their blood glucose in relation to meals. Glucose monitoring through the skin will be a lot less accurate than measurements in blood. Those with an insulin pump would probably be better off with an implanted device instead of a transcutaneous device.

    It seems that the computer industry has exhausted the potential of their primary market and go for the health market. There are many varieties of snake oil. Now we have got a new one.

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Health monitoring